Yogi Ginger Tea: A must when traveling!

I love traveling and minus security line wait times, I also love flying.

Since I was a kid I always got motion sickness in cars, busses, carnival rides and of course planes. I have an acute sense of smell and I am sensitive to highly volatile chemicals such as gasoline and some perfume bases. I am just one of those people who gets queasy easily. So why am I telling you all this? Well when you travel and have queasy tendencies you need something in your medicine arsenal. I always travel with meclizine, pressure point bands etc. but this only helps so much.

The healthiest and yummiest alternative I have found to popping motion sickness pills is this wonderful, spicy, tasty tea. Brewing tea on the go is not a daunting task and you can stash a few bags in your purse. If I know it is going to be a bumpy flight I brew this before I get on and then always have extras just in case.

I have tried several brands but this is the one I keep coming back to because it is one of the least expensive organic options but I also just love the taste.

Beside a digestion aid ginger tea is a great warming tea for the winter.

Caution: Most brands have only ginger root but please notice that Yogi has lemongrass, licorice, peppermint and black pepper which while add flavor and I personally enjoy you should talk to your doctor if you are pregnant since these are some ingredients contraindicated during pregnancy or nursing.



HealthForce Superfood: Vitamineral Green

Oh my word…it’s like a wheatgrass shot x 100

I am one of those people that will try anything once. That being said, I rarely give things a second try if not to my liking.

This is one of the rare products that I had dismissed and I am glad I came back to:


Let me start by saying that yes, it tastes as bad as it looks (dirt green) but once you find the right mixture you will enjoy it very much. I mix mine with 4 ounces of apple juice. The sweetness makes it tolerable. I then proceed to chug it and chase it with a huge glass of water. I had done my due diligence and read countless reviews where people 1. Swore by the energizing effects 2. Said it starts to taste differently as you continue to take it, supposedly because of the change in pH in your body.

While I don’t have a baseline of my body’s pH and have no way of tracking it I will not make any claims of how this product affects it but I can testify to the two claims that keep coming up in blogs, product reviews, etc. I think this product is a great option for those who do not get enough greens in their diet and find juicing too laborious.

I am a researcher by trade so I take these claims with a grain of salt. The science is very limited. There is no such thing as a one size fits all diet and as long as one remains an informed consumer with a skeptical eye we may find products that we can personally attest to their effectiveness…placebo effect or not? Who cares? I haven’t needed coffee and diet coke to get through my day in weeks!

I just ordered a huge container of this stuff online at pureformulas.com but Amazon sells it, too. I recommend getting the smallest bottle (20 grams) to try it since it is such a strange taste and I found in reviews some folks could not get past the color and taste regardless of the benefits they felt.

Simple All in One: face wash, make up remover and moisturizer

What it is?

A simple combination of 1:1 olive oil to castor oil, shake well and done!

Simply apply a quarter size to face, rub in for 60 seconds and then use a warm compress to let it sink deep and also help you wipe the oil off.

Repeat twice a day.

Day 1:

I read about this a long time ago. Oil scares me and having combination skin I never know what product to use as a cleanser. Cream cleansers are too heavy, and soap cleansers too drying…oy vey. I never had bad acne but I am prone to breakouts every once in a while so this is a risky one.

This is only day one but I can say my face felt instantly softer without scrubbing. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Clarisonic brush, but I am going to give it a rest for a few days and see what this concoction is all about.

I am tired of paying big money for chemical laden face cleansers and even more big money for natural ones. If this works I will probably add some essential rosemary, lavender and chamomile to it but I want to try the pure version first.

Total cost so far for what looks to be at least a year supply…$18.00 including a nice dark bottle (important to keep the oils from going rancid)

I will check in next week and see how it goes.


Aubrey Organics Herbal Complexion Mist


A friend introduced me to this stuff. I had tried several mineral mists but even those that claimed to be natural had alcohol and other chemicals that dried my skin and left a sheen that made my face look oily.

Why I tried this: after a run or a nice long yoga session my face stays flushed for a long time. I am talking 30-45 mins. I have been in search of a mineral water mist that is gentle, moisturizing and without any alcohol or harsh chemicals.

Ingredients: Good, calming, non-irritating, all natural. It has a rating of 4 in the skin deep database due to the vitamin A (retinol) content.
Price: I have attempted to make my own mineral mist but getting good quality ingredients + natural preservative gets very expensive. This comes in at $7.99
Size: good quantity but small enough to fit in my purse or gym bag
Smell: nice herbal smell but not overpowering

I can’t think of any. This product is fantastic

Wrap up: cheaper than making your own with a natural preservative so it can last, this is a great product

Kiss My Face — Olive My Body


Winter is gone…well the southeast didn’t really get much of one at all but my skin is parched all the same. My skin is dry year round and spring allergies aggravate it even more so I am always in search for moisturizers that work as promised. Petroleum based moisturizers, especially for lips, are a plenty but the thought of having a chemical laden lip balm is plain gross.

I found this little tin can at Whole Foods and I decided to give it a twirl because:

1. The ingredients list is fantastic, natural and clean.
2. Kiss My Face products rate low hazard in the Skin Deep database.
3. It is small, compact and light.
4. Balms last forever, so a good value

The scent: subtle and soft.
The consistency: luxurious, rich. A thin layer lasts hours
Size: small and compact
It works: my lips are soft and hydrated without being sticky

Application: having to apply with your fingers can get messy

Wrap up: choosing natural is wise especially cosmetics that we use on a daily basis. This lives up to expectations in performance and ingredients. This will surely become a staple in my purse.